Monday, September 27, 2010

Sometimes I wish I had another.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
So I finally beat Xehanort in Terra's story. I was stupid and didn't realize that I could Meld Commands to get skills/abilities. I also gave myself a lot of Curagas instead of the one I had.  The battle went by rather quickly. Most people said it would take 45 minutes or so, I think the battle took all of 10 minutes, maybe 15. But then again, I was playing on normal mode...

After beating Terra's story, I started Aqua's. Her cartwheels erk me. At least compared to being use to Terra's sliding. Plus I miss being able to do a lot of stuff, I hope that I can get though her story quickly and go do Ven's.

So I just got F.E.A.R last night. I want to play it, but part of me that is a wuss doesn't want to. I tend to be a scary cat when it comes to playing horror games. I want to overcome this fear though. I really dislike myself being a wuss.  I'll possibly start it tonight, maybe even livestream it too. Thats if my computer will let me.

Resident Evil
On the note of horror games, I started to play Resident Evil: Dead Aim last week. I should continue to play that as well... I should play that or I should actually play Resident Evil 2.  Eric was making me play all the RE games, because I wanted to play Resident Evil 4 again. But I might as well play the other ones first, just so I can get them under my belt. I beat RE 1 last year, I just didn't get around to playing the rest...

So, my throat has been slightly irritating me for the past day-day and a half. I woke up today, and it feels worse. I'm talking out loud once in a while, and I think I might be getting sick. Quite possibly the same sickness everyone I know has gotten. But I'm one of the last to get it.

Not much going on here as of now. I really should be drawing more. But I want to be playing games instead.  Maybe when I get back into the school scene I'll be back on the Art scene, we'll see. I don't have much on my Deviant Art right now, and what I have isn't very good. At least in my opinion it isn't good. I want to be able to fill it out with amazing works.... But alas, I must practice before I get anywhere close to amazing.


  1. Art? You should post your DA, I'd be interested in seeing your stuff. =p Sorry about the sore throat though ):

  2. FEAR isn't bad, don't be afraid. that game is one of my top 10 of all time, to be honest. really fun

  3. I think I have FEAR somewhere around here...

  4. I would love to see more of your art!

  5. FEAR is pretty sweet, I really like the game.

  6. I am the biggest Kingdom Hearts fan! I almost cried at the end of the first and second one lol no joke, good post man thanks for the update!

  7. Well that's a shame your sick! Your very lucky blogging needs no effort or voice :) i suggest you dink some freshly squeezed orange juice to get some Vitamin C into you. Sad to see a fellow blogger down in their health.

  8. I've been playing BBS, I was furious at the Terra-Xehanort fight. I ended up fighting him over and over for a couple hours before I finally beat him.

  9. PROTIP:

    If you go to bed with a sore throat or wake up with one, you will be sick the next day.

    If you wake up with a sore throat and go to bed with it, you will be sick the next day.

    This is wisdom.

  10. Nothing wrong with being scared when playing horror games. Thats the idea :D

  11. I wasn't all that impressed by FEAR or FEAR 2, they weren't nearly as "creepy" as people made it out to be. As for Resident Evil, it's probably the only series for which I am a fanboy. I never played Dead Aim though (does playing Cold Fear a substitution?) because I didn't have the gun for the ps2 and it seemed lame to play without it. The first time I played a Resident Evil game I had no idea what it was about. I was alone in my home at night as a young teen for an extended weekend. I kept hearing strange noises in the house all night and had to sleep with the lights on. I wish I could recapture that feeling jaded now.

    Do livestream for us if you can, I'll be on the lookout :D

  12. :o resident evil is awesome!

  13. Play FEAR! Its not so bad, a few parts that try to make you jump but its a really fun game to play and the ambiance is great!