Thursday, September 30, 2010

Q&A of doom.

So, in my previous post I was thinking about doing a Q&A, and a few people said it was a good idea, so I might as well do it.

Leave comments here so I can answer your questions. I'll try to update this post as much as possible.

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1. Have you ever been in a serious accident? 
Actually, no I haven't. The most serious injury I've had was me fracturing my right foot. The Doctor called it a Jones fracture. It happened at a school dance, I was acting all emo and shit. But finally a song that I like came on and I went running to the dance floor, trying to take off my shoes in the process. My foot got caught on my dress that was slightly torn, and I slipped on the floor, which was also dusty. I was laughing until I noticed I could get up with out shit tons of pain, 

2. What is your favorite pet?
I've only had Cats and Hamsters and pets, so it might be a little biased, I like kitties. I want a dog though, I've never had one. 

3.  How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could cite a house with aluminum citing at 3.8 meters per minute with a 3 minute break per hour for 8 hours a day for one month, taking saturdays and wednesdays off?
Not enough to be able to pay for child support, thats sure. 

4.  Why do you like to scare yourself VIA videogames?
I don't really know, actually. I guess it give me a way to possibly be more brave, even though I keep failing and just wuss out. xD

5.  Why are you such a wuss?
I'm not really sure. I don't think I've had the chance to man up when it comes to playing and watching things in the Horror genre. Part of that could be because my father was never in my life, or I could just be BSing an answer since I'm such a girly-girl. 

6. Who is your favorite youtube user?
Oh. Wow. I actually don't go on youtube enough to watch peoples videos. I like MarbleHornets. I'm just sad that they're done with that. Venetian Princess is pretty good too.  Most of the time when I'm on youtube I'm just looking for random stuff. 

7. Do you like Pokemon? What's your favorite?
Why, yes, I like Pokemon. That was one of the things that made my generation. At least in my opinion it did.  Its hard to say who is my favorite. I will always have love for Pikachu, but I also love Haunter. Flaaffy is getting its way up there as well. 


  1. very nice.

    who is your favorite youtube user?

  2. I noticed you have Pikachu as your avatar.

    Do you like Pokemon?
    What's your favorite?

  3. xDDD you actually answered my question! :) woo thanks! The answer is 42 though.